Cell history and Networkdays


Main issue is with the networkdays formula =NETWORKDAYS(DATEONLY([Date Submitted]@row), TODAY() - 1) Originally the formula was (thanks @Paul Newcome). =NETWORKDAYS(DATEONLY([Date Submitted]@row) + IF(AND(VALUE(MID([Date Submitted]@row, 10, FIND(":", [Date Submitted]@row) - 10)) >= 3, CONTAINS("P", [Date Submitted]@row)), -1), TODAY()) but this started adding a day so reverted back.

As this is causing wrong reporting data for management and looks unprofessional. See attached example of an entry today 02/06/21 and cell data as -2 days in the sheet. When looking into (again) I came across strange data in cell history - I can not explain this as users have no reason to change this cells data and manually doing so removes the formula. - am I missing something here? - seems like Smartsheet is fighting a formula?

Regards Jason.


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