Statistical Trending in Smartsheet


Hi All,

We previously used minitab to trend control data for laboratory equipment, and while I know Smartsheet wouldn't be able to replicate that level of statistical processing, I want to leverage automations to make this type of data tracking more meaningful in Smartsheet.

What I am trying to do is to call out data (by way of notification automation) that has been trending in the same direction for four consecutive data points.

For example, this data set would trigger an automation:

  1. 4.55
  2. 4.58
  3. 4.62
  4. 4.64

And this data set would not:

  1. 4.55
  2. 4.58
  3. 4.53
  4. 4.62

My thought was to compare the last 2 data points with one another using a symbol column (up arrow every time it goes up, down if it goes down) and then build another helper column that identifies when four up or down arrows have been seen in a row. I am not quite sure how to build the second part of that process though.

Some additional details: the data points are all assigned a unique ID number that are not always consecutive, but always go up; we have upper and lower specs that the numbers need to live inside of.


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