Replicating filtered column data between sheets?

Is there any way to essentially live link a column between sheets? I need to pull in a few distinct columns from a sheet with close to 100 columns, then sort the data and graph it.

I've been trying an IF/AND statement, but I keep getting unparseable errors.

=IF(AND({Complete %}@row < 1, {Order Vs Project}@row = "Order"), {Reference Name}@row, "")

What I want to do is to display the text in the "Reference Name" column if the Complete % column value is less than 100% and the Order Vs Project value is Order

If I were to do this within the main sheet it would work. I don't wish to add yet more columns to the main sheet just to hold this filtered data.

Is what I am attempting to do possible, or am I banging my head against the wall?

I've check my references time and again. The only other thing is that 2 of the source columns are populated via formula (Reference Name, Complete %). I don't know if that's a problem

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