Storing of attachments on in Teams or Sharepoint

Is there a way to automatically send attachments in a row to a Microsoft Teams Channel or a Sharepoint site? I tried using the teams alert but it doesn't send the attachments with it.


  • Krissia B.
    Krissia B. Moderator

    Hello @Megan Chapman

    Upon further review and testing on this topic, this is currently not supported with Smartsheet. Please submit an enhancement request on this to be considered for future development!



  • An ability to push attachments to outside programs would be amazing. We use Smartsheet for customer facing collaboration but the final resting place for all docs is Teams/Sharepoint. Attachments buried in silos and on rows is a horrible way to deal with documents. We are longtime users but looking for another solution.

  • Similar to Sara Laidlaw - we are required to use Teams/SharePoint as primary for doc storage. I want to have links to the SharePoint files, as those files will get updated by people outside of the SmartSheet community. I want to have links to latest version, and pasting files to SmartSheet will let versions get out of sync.