Issues with Nesting formula for RYG


Hello community,

I simply want to change the status of a RYG-ball by comparing two timestamps.

If Timestamp< Sift start Time than the ball should be Green

If Timestamp> Shift start Time than the ball should be Red

(I would like to incorporate that if the Timestamp< 15 minutes of Shift start Time than the ball should be Yellow) - if this one is not possible it is ok.

When building the formula, this worked as an intermediate result

=IF(Timestamp@row < [Shift Start Time]@row = 1, "Green")

but adding an additional condition ended up with UNPARSABLE:

=IF(Timestamp@row<[Shift Start Time]@row = 1), "Green", IF(Timestamp@row>Shift Start Time]@row = 0), "Red", "Yellow"))

I know this is a basic formula, but I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. Can someone please help me?

Thank you,



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