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Hi all,

as you may be all aware, I'm definitely not the most versed in the formulas when it comes to Smartsheets. I'm a self-study without any prior experience and I did learn a lot and can address the majority of issues myself, being thankful to you all. Now, however, I am asking for help again. I'd like to build a formula that counts the # of assignments per resource based on duration. While this sounds easy, I need to emphasise that the same resource is on 5 different lines for the project and I would like to count in only the parent line. Is that something possible? (please note that the second screenshot is purely illustrative as per source sheet, and it's the top screen of how layout would be.) I'm totally open to helper rows, columns, anything. I'd like to monitor it daily within past two weeks so my formula would be like =TODAY()- 14 or something like that, I'm not sure.


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