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Hi there,

In forms, we are able to add logic to the form so that is a value is selected, an additional field appears or not depending on that logic. (e.g. we have a field that we ask "Yes or No" - if answer "Yes", nothing happens, if answer "No", then a new section will appear asking "please explain why".

In automated workflow, I haven't managed to see that option. I am trying to set an approval workflow but I want to have 3 options: "Approve", "Reject" or "Escalate". This doesn't work via approval workflow but I managed to set it up via Request an update workflow. In that case, I would like that, in the form the approver receives, if the approver selects "Escalate", a new field called "Escalate to" would appear, while if the approver selects "Approve" or "Reject" the field would not show. I only managed to set up that the field "Escalate to" appears by default but would be great to show it only when required.

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  • Dale Murphy
    Dale Murphy ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Patricia Padilla If you use Update Request, and create all the conditional branches,

    and control which fields are part of each branch of the Request, you will get close to accomplish your objective. (It seems that for each of "Approve", "Reject" or "Escalate" you will select different fields as part of your message to whomever is receiving the request.)

    But you cannot dynamically change what the receiver of the Request is seeing. I do not believe that capability exists.

    Can you map in a side table to whom a task should be escalated, based on who is submitting it? or based on some other parameter? Then you remove that decision from the person submitting the Request.


  • Hi DMurphy,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I did create 3 conditional branches: approve, reject and escalate, so the workflow stops when "Approved" and "Rejected" and reapplies when "Escalated".

    What I want is that when the approver receives the form, will only see a field called "escalate to" if selecting the option "Escalate", but not if they decide to "Approve" or "Reject".

    I need this form to be flexible as there can be multiple escalations and not necessarily to the line manager, so I would need the form to be dynamic.

    This is a functionality that exists in Forms, as I have already done it in a Form I have in another sheet:

    Thank you anyway for the proposal :)

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