Sharing Editable Rows From A Master Smartsheet


We have a large grid format sheet which we use to track all of our projects we're working on. We want to share to each of our team just the rows that are assigned to them, to allow them to update/edit them yet not view the entire sheet (as some people are contractors).

I have tried creating a report, but cannot find how to share it as editable and lock the filter (otherwise they can just remove the filter and see everything).

Talked to Smartsheet about Dynamic View but all i got was some fluffy language and a upgrade fee of several thousand plus a setup fee of a similar amount....and not sure that it can even do what we want it to?!

Hit a bit of a brick wall?

Ideas please!

Many thanks.

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  • Bassam Khalil
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    Hi @Trent Simpkin

    Hope you are fine, you can create a report and share it with your team as editors and add a filter on that report as follows:

    and share the underline sheet with your team as Editors and they will never be able to remove the filter, in this way each user when he open this report will see only the rows assigned to him.

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