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I have a problem, maybe you can help me! What I want is that if in column "1" it says " RCA started" but the date from column "2" is greater than today's date, then I want a red symbol to appear in column "3", but if in column "1" it says " RCA finished" then I want a green symbol to appear in column "3".

If date in column "2" is <= (-5 days) than today's date then in column "3" a yellow symbol should be shown otherwise green

=IF(ISBLANK([due date RCA]@row); ""; IF(AND([status of RCA]@row); "started"; TODAY() > [due date RCA]@row; "Red"; (IF(AND(TODAY() <= [due date RCA]@row; TODAY() > [due date RCA]@row - 5); "Yellow"; "Green"))))

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Thank you

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