Design Help


This is a very generalized question as I am having a hard time redesigning my workplaces sheets.

Currently we have our main sheet "Bid List" It is a rather informative sheet that has everything we could need on it and in there lies the problem in that EVERYTHING is on it. It has 50 some columns, thousands of rows and is just a mess to the point I can't design any kind of reporting or helper sheets to report from based off it since the data is all over the place and a given projects info can be spread over as many as 20 additional rows with the main parent row having such generalized info that I cannot connect the dots.

Per the picture above, you can see more or less how they have initially built it. the problem becomes that all data regarding numbers for bids and such is stored on the parent line and I have not been able to figure out a way to relate the child rows to the parent line. What makes matters worse is if each contractor has a specialized quote, the numbers are put on the parent line, and different numbers are put on the child rows.

How can I break this up for reporting, but keep it more or less together for internal info? I tend to think in the lines of how MS Access works, so I am struggling with this.