Fill in Date Columns with Letter to represent a Hotel


I am working to convert a google doc and its formulas to smartsheet. Essentially, I am using smartsheet as a rooming list that lists people, their hotel, and their check-in and out dates. There is a column for every date so we can add up the totals of everyone at each hotel on a given night.

What I am hoping to do is use potentially an IF AND formulas to put the first letter of the Hotel in the corresponding date column based on the check in and out dates.

Example: Westin 01/05/22 01/11/22 are the columns and in the column "Wed 1/5", I want a "W" to be returned in that cell.

=IF(AND([Wed 1/5]>=[Check-In]@row, [Wed 1/5]<[Check-Out]@row), true, LEFT(Hotel@row, 1))

Let me know if anyone has any ideas on what I am missing or on how to improve this formula! Thanks!


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