How to use MATCH function on multiple columns at the same time?


I've used the MATCH function before on the "City" and "CityMATCH" column. It worked out well. This is the formula that I used: =MATCH(City1, CityMATCH:CityMATCH, 0).

I've now added another column called "Number" and "NumberMATCH." What I want to know is whether "3" in the "Number" column and "Chicago" in the "City" column matches anything in the "NumberMATCH" and "CityMATCH" columns.

The result should tell me that "2 Chicago" has no match, because there is no "2 Chicago" in the "NumberMATCH" and "CityMATCH" columns. However, it should tell me that "3 Chicago" does have a match and it is in row 2. I tried combining the AND and MATCH functions together but it didn't give me the result that I want. Can anyone please help me?


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