Cell links break when adding new row. Work again when saving linked (unchanged) sheet.


Hi all,

I have two sheets that are connected via multiple cell links. When adding/deleting a row in sheet1, all the cell links break (#INVALID DATA TYPE).

To make the links work again I have to go into sheet2 and leave again. For some reason it saves something in sheet2 when I exit, however nothing has changed in sheet2.

Once sheet2 is saved, all cell links in sheet 1 work again...

The link that goes into sheet2 goes into a cell with a formula that removes a time stamp from a date (21/06/21 12:56 PM)

=DATE(2000 + VALUE(MID(Created@row, 7, 2)), VALUE(MID(Created@row, 4, 2)), VALUE(LEFT(Created@row, 2)))

It looks like the formula is corrupted until I go into that sheet, once I'm in the sheet it I can see that the column with the formula throws an errors and it takes about 1 second and all the dates refresh. Quite odd.

Any ideas anyone?



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