How to combine multiple IF statements into one?


I have 3 different IF statements in 3 separate columns that I would like combined into 1 if possible. The three IF statements/columns are the following:

Red Status - if task is in the past and not checked complete:

=IF(AND([End Date]@row < [Today Helper]@row, [Task Complete?]@row = 0), "Red", "Green")=IF(AND([End Date]@row < [Today Helper]@row, [Task Complete?]@row = 0), "Red", "Green")

Yellow Status - if task is between start & end dates but burn up % is higher than % complete:

=IF(AND([Start Date]@row < [Today Helper]@row, [End Date]@row > [Today Helper]@row, [Burn Up %]@row > [% Complete]@row), "Yellow", "Green")

Green Status - if completion box is checked:

=IF([Task Complete?]@row = 1, "Green", "Red")

Is there any way for me to combine these 3 IF statements/columns into 1? This would be ideal if possible.

Thank you!


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