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I am doing a VLOOKUP in which the formula looks up a list of holiday dates listed in a range from a second sheet. If matching, it is to display the second column which identifies the type of holiday (note, in the formula below I have "false" I also tried "true"). The columns sources are both type: date.

the formula:

=VLOOKUP(Calendar@row, {Holidays Range 1}, 2, false)

Source sheet

Holiday sheet:

I'm expecting for the row that has value "08/20/21" to result with "IDC Holiday", instead I have "NO MATCH".


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  • Glenn Butler
    Glenn Butler ✭✭
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    Some times it helps to ask the question so that you can figure out what the problem is. My formula is correct. The issue is the source sheet was NOT "date" type like I had thought it was. When I changed the column to "date" it works as advertised.


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