Duplicate Value Column not updating


I have written a formula for detecting duplicate values in the primary column of my sheet. The result is stored in a second column. Here is an abstract version of that form:

IF(COUNTIF([Column 1]@row:[Column 1]@row, [Column 1]@row) '>' 1, "YES", "NO"))

What this formula means is that if there is more than 1 occurrence of a value in the column, it is a duplicate and the value for the second column is set to "YES". Otherwise, it is set to "NO".

To test this formula, I created two rows with the same value in Column 1. The value in the second column is set to "YES" for both. The next thing I did is that I deleted one of the rows. However, the value in the second column is still set to "YES" when it should read "NO".

I tried saving and refreshing my sheet, but nothing changed.

What is happening and how can this problem be resolved?

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