Data entry in Smartsheet->Invoice generation->Send to client->Sign->Attach signed invoice to row

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Currently we use the Google Doc integration to produce an invoice pulling the data from a selected row in Smartsheet. This gives us a pdf, which we then manually deliver to the client, get signed, then scan and upload.

We would like to change to an e-signature. Adobe can do it, but we would need to export our file to excel, then use Adobe to create the invoice, email and receive. Then upload to Smartsheet.

Is there a better path forward? I really don't want to introduce Excel to our process if possible, would prefer that the data comes directly from Smartsheet.

Open to whatever software solution is most straight forward.


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    Hi @James Christiansen

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    An excellent solution could be DocuSign and the fantastic integration with Smartsheet.

    Would that work/help? 

    I hope that helps!

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