Need Formula for RowID that will update when rows are deleted or added.


I need a column formula that will match the actual row ID even if you delete a row.

I tried using autonumbering, but it does not update if you delete a row, or add a new row in the middle of your old rows.

Ex. of AutoNumber row issue

1 (Row 2 deleted below, 3 should change to 2)


5 (New Row added, should change this row to 4 and the next one to 5)


Is this possible?


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  • John Pudar
    John Pudar ✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    Hi @Christian Graf,

    Try adding a new column and use this as the column formula:

    =MATCH(X@row, X:X, 0)

    In this case, "X" would be whatever the name of your Auto-Number/RowID column is. Or, you can use that exact formula and just rename your Auto-Number column to "X" instead.


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