VLOOKUP for Multi-Select Drop down

Hi, I am trying to use a lookup on a multi select column.

I have an invoice creating sheet in which the user will select multiple "items" that have been ordered. (Must be in the same cell as combining with Google Docs and all info must be in the same row.) I have another sheet called Product list which notes each item and corresponding price. I would like to create a Vlookup sum in the first sheet under column "Item Price" which will vlookup all the selected items and retrn each price (or better yet the sum of all prices)

Is this possible as i have tried =VLOOKUP([Order Specification]@row, {Product List Range 1, 3, false}) and is returning a no match?

Note: "order specification" is the muti-drop down column used to select items.

Thank you!


  • Andrée Starå
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    Hi @Jordan

    I hope you're well and safe!

    Can you describe your process in more detail and maybe share the sheet(s)/copies of the sheet(s) or some screenshots? (Delete/replace any confidential/sensitive information before sharing) That would make it easier to help. (share too, andree@workbold.com)

    I hope that helps!

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  • Debbie Sawyer
    Debbie Sawyer ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    I am not certain that what you are aiming for can be achieved.

    I would recommend the use of Index(Match()) over the use of vlookup() functions, better for sheet performance overall.

    When referring to multi select columns you will need to nest the HAS() function into your formula.

    I remember trying this out last year, but I don't think I was successful in finding a way to nest the HAS() function inside an Index(Match()) function.

    You might need to revisit the use of the multi select. i.e can you pull your items into separate columns then concatenate them into a multi list? there are lots of columns available in Smartsheet, they can be hidden helper columns, performing background lookups and checks.

    Good luck ;D

    Kind regards


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