Does anyone have Secrets to Managing Groups in Group Management?


I have a group with 1700+ members in it. I was able to get the current members into an Excel spreadsheet by making sure I had reached the end of my list and selecting all with my browser, then saving page as text, then into Excel where I created a formula to extract only the email address. Then I am able to do a reconciliation process to determine who needs to be removed from the group and who needs to be added. Fortunately, I can copy and paste my list of 30+ email addresses and am able to add them to the group.

The same can't be said for removing people. When I View the Group my only option is to paste one email at a time into the search. I've tried more than one separated by a semicolon but no luck. Then it is at least two clicks between names before the remove from group option appears. I have over 300 people to remove.

I'm hoping someone has experienced this before me and was creative enough to develop a work around. If so, please share.🙏


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Jim Rood

    Another way to generate a list of each email in a Group would be to share only this group to one item (such as a sheet or report). Then you can download a Sheet Access Report as a CSV and filter the Sheet Name to see the emails shared to it.

    When it comes to removing users from Groups, there currently isn't a function to bulk-remove users. You will need to identify each contact individually and then click "Remove from Group". (Please let the Product team know about your request by filling in this form, here!)

    That said, there is a way we can remove one of your clicks. As soon as you can see the Contact, you only need to click on the "remove" icon to the right (versus selecting the checkbox first).

    I hope that helps.



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  • Jim Rood
    Jim Rood ✭✭✭✭

    Thanks @Genevieve P. I've already submitted an enhancement request on this matter several months ago but has yet to generate any conversation or action. I'm surprised because I think this leaves a gaping hole in security by not having a timely and efficient manner by which to remove access from persons who may no longer be with your organization.