Updating records with a form


Hi There - I'm looking for an easy way to allow unlicensed users to submit a form (like Projet Brief intake) but then have a nice clean and easy way to update additional fields (business case fields) after their brief has been approved.

So far a have a form on a dashboard to create the record but I can't find a way to allow them to come back and update additional fields on that record at a later time....without direct access to the sheet itself.



  • Andrée Starå
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    Hi @Chris Bulpit

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    You could use Update Requests.

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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  • Chris Bulpit

    @Andrée Starå thanks for the suggestion. I was looking at Update Requests as an option. However, the challenge is that the users will not have all the information at once. There is a requirement to update a few fields now... and then come back and update a few more at a later time. It seems that the update request is only a one-time link and would have to trigger another update request to complete additional fields later on.

    Any other thoughts?