Creating SUMs based of a multi-select column for each selection.


I have a report that has a multi-select column with a variety of selections. I am trying to create cells at the bottom of that report that show the total #/SUM of each selection that are within that multi-select column.

(Ex. I have a sheet that has column with you can select Active, Pending, Completed from a drop down. I want to create 3 separate boxes that shows the total count for Active, total count for pending, and total count for completed.)

I have tried to formula below but it shows as 0 even though there are selection with that criteria.

=SUMIF(Activity1:Activity40, "Active", Activity1:Activity40)

=SUMIF(Activity1:Activity40, "Pending", Activity1:Activity40)

=SUMIF(Activity1:Activity40, "Completed", Activity1:Activity40)


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