Sum range in another sheet if todays month = 7

Im trying to figure out a formula that would sum a range of cells in another sheet if todays month is 7 or July and am beating my head against the wall as this seems to me it should be easy.

Thank you in advance for any help.


  • Hi Chris,

    The formula below checks to see if the month of your date column is 7; if it does it will sum the data in the {sumrange} that you reference in the other sheet. When you specify the sumrange in the other sheet, highlight the entire column if you want to sum all the values in that column, or just highlight the cells that you want to sum. If the date isn't 7, the formula will return a blank cell.

    =IF(MONTH(datecolumn@row) = 7,SUM({sumrange},"")

  • I don't have a date column. I'm looking more for a function that would give me the current date and then if the month was July/7 them would sum the range in the other sheet.

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