Formula's between 2 dates, with blank entry for averages


I am relatively new to SS. I am trying to recreate a formula that combines if statement and the # of days between to dates. The issue, If the end date is blank I need the formula to produce no result so that the average works.

In excel the formula would be: =IF(B3=""," ",B3-A3)

Any ideas?


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    Hi @Heather Staples

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    Try something like this.

    You probably don't need to check for the blank cell, so I've added the one without the check and two others.

    =[Accepted Date]@row - Approved@row

    =IF([Accepted Date]@row = "", "", [Accepted Date]@row - Approved@row)

    =IFERROR([Accepted Date]@row - Approved@row, "")

    Did that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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