Cell link not updating consistently...?


Hello All,

I am having trouble with getting a report to update consistently with cell links. This screenshot shows the cell history showing it only updated at 4.57pm today.

This is the formula in the cell "=SUM(COLLECT({$_Today}, {Todays_Date}, Date@row))" where $_Today is an external reference to a column with the value and Todays_Date is the same sheet with the date.

This is the external sheet that is getting referenced and as you can see the last row was added at 4.23pm yet the metrics sheet only updated at 4:57pm.

This is causing issues with my dashboard as i have a report that goes out at 4.45pm and it isn't getting the latest data. The day before (19th July) you can see it updated right at the same time at 3:51pm and again at 8:54pm.

What could be causing the delay?


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