Countif with Min and Max Date Range

So the excel formula I'm trying to replicate is below. Basically, I'm trying to count every cell that has a date between Jan. 1, 2021 and Jan. 31, 2021. The outcome should only be one number.


But I've tried so many things. I can't figure out what try next. I've been combing through Smartsheet Community for an hour. All I've figured out is that there's a structure for dates and that there's irrelevant functions for minumum and maximum out of a range. To confirm, I don't want to know what's the minimum date or maximum date in a range. I want to know how many times a column has a January 2021 date.

Thanks in advance if you can help! I'm super eager to learn.


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    There's a handful of ways you can do this. 2 basic examples are below:

    =COUNTIFS(Sheet1!N:N,and(@cell <= date(2021,1,31),@cell >= date(2021,1,1

    =COUNTIFS(Sheet1!N:N,and(month(@cell) = 1, year(@cell) = 2021


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