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Hi all,

I've read notes on other posts with similar dates but haven't been able to figure it out so asking here. Sorry for the repetition. I'm trying to count the number of cells in a column of dates that have a date prior to a date I have stored in another cell. I'm actually doing it with countifs but I can get the other parts to work, just not the date.

The Zero in row 4 of Column 16 is from the below equation. Clearly not accurate

=COUNTIF([Target Hire Date]:[Target Hire Date], "<08/01/2021")

The #UNPARSE error in row 5 of Column 16 is from a different attempt to rather than input the date, reference the date stored in Column 16 row 2.

=COUNTIF([Target Hire Date]1:[Target Hire Date]46,"<"&[Column16]2)

It's really frustrating because I can do this in 2 seconds in excel but it's not working in SmartSheets. In case it matters I do have some blank cells in the column Target Hire Date but when I tried it selecting only the cells with data it still didn't work.

Thanks for any help here!



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