Count Dates in a cell

Is it possible to count the number of dates (mm/dd) that show up in a cell? Would the format of the dates need to include a year as well? In the example below I have two dates in the cell.

If this is not possible, how would I count the number of dates in a date column


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    Hi @Bob Kernan

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    Here's an excellent solution from RossL that could work.

    I came up with a solution, it is not the most elegant but it works. below is a link to the sheet I made. what it is doing is looking for the key word and using helper rows to find the start of that word and then the next column in the line will find the next one by start its search after the first word, then the start of the next occurrence ect. the green column counts all the columns that have a position noted.

    Did that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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