Auto-date function based on dropdown menu


Looking for some help in getting automatic dates to populate based on a status update dropdown menu.

I'm working on a smartsheet that tracks quote requests. Right now I have a status drop down menu that triggers automation. I also have dates in separate columns that track when the request was sent to a vendor, when a request was received from a vendor and when a request was sent back to our internal customer.

I tried to set up automatic dates based on those status updates - however since all three date columns are linked to the same status update column, they change as the status update changes. Is there a way to keep those dates once it gets populated, regardless of if the status changes after that? The way I have tried it works in populating the dates, however every time the status criteria changes, the dates disappear from the previous column when the new one updates.

Please see below for reference if my explanation isn't good enough.

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