How to locate information based on a percentage reached?


Hi! I want a formula to find the percentage of 53.87% that goes from 0% to more than 120%, and that returns Between 41.1% and 60% - 5% discount.

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  • Jaykel Torres
    Jaykel Torres Employee
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    Hey @Filipe Nascimento,

    I recommend creating a Formula using the IF and AND Functions which can be used to evaluate multiple criteria. I've created an example below on how this may look like:

    Formula (Return Column): =IF(AND(Value@row >= 1, Value@row <= 3), "Apple", IF(AND(Value@row >= 4, Value@row <= 6), "Banana", IF(AND(Value@row >= 7, Value@row <= 9), "Cantaloupe")))

    Notice that we are using the AND Function to find if a number is equal to or between two values.

    I hope this helps!



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