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Hi Community,

I'm working with a colleague to create a column formula with multiple IF conditions. Just struggling to get our initial chain going before adding in others.

What we need:

-We have a column entitled "Submission Type" that contains a dropdown list of different submissions. Each submission has an estimated timeline for an "Approval Date" based on its type.

-We have a column entitled "Document Approval" that contains a manual date our teams are entering for the completion of our individual submissions.

-We have a column entitled "Calculated Submission Date", in which we would need to use the previous bullets to determine our date in that column.

For example, If our submission type is Annual Report that has a predetermined 3 day timeline, we want to have a formula that calculates our Document Approval date +3, nothing needed otherwise in the cell. Below is my example, but I'm unsure why it is giving me an error.

Thanks in advance!



  • Bassam Khalil
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    edited 07/27/21

    Hi @jsilverio 

    Hope you are fine, for your example in your post please try the following formula:

    Calculated Submission Date =IFERROR(IF([Submission Type]@row = "Annual Report", [Document Approval]@row + 3), "")

    please note that "Document Approval" & "Calculated Submission Date" are Date type columns.

    the following screenshot shows the result:

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