Smartsheet Work Breakdown Structure Templates


Hello Smartsheets Community:

I was wondering if anyone knew if Smartsheets was still utilizing the Work Breakdown Structure Templates (see link below). I found the template set below online, its from 2018 (Free Work Breakdown Structure Templates | Smartsheet). However, when you search the solution center template sets, it doesn't come up. Therefore, I wasn't sure if Smartsheets was still supporting it or not.

I am currently in the process of revamping how we managing our project plans at our organization to better report out on Phases, Deliverables, Tasks and Milestones. That said, based on the template set I found below, I am trying to figure out the best way to lay this out in Smartsheets. Everything I am seeing lays it out by Task and Subtasks. I am not seeing anything broken out by Phases, Deliverables, Tasks and Milestones.

Just curious if anyone has any suggestions or has any examples that they would be willing to share with me where you may have structured our project plan template by Phases, Deliverables, Tasks and Milestones?

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