How to set up and automate a template for this report chart in the dashboard?


Hi guys,

do you know how to set up the following report chart in my dashboard? I have seen this kind of report chart in one of the Smartsheet webinars.

My requirements to this report chart would be :

  1. Every time I set up a new project plan, every person in my "Assigned to" column should be automatically involved in this chart. So generally, I do not want to set up the report manually. It should be like a template, which automatically shows the data, depending on the source sheet (project plan).
  2. The chart should only display the outstanding tasks by person.

My current problem is that I am only able to set up this kind of report "Workload: Outstanding Tasks by Person" in table view. But for the chart version I need figures and I do not find a proper solution concering my requirements.

Is there anybody who could help me on this? :)

Many thanks in advance!!