Formula to Read and Update from Other Columns

Hi All,

I'm stumped on a particularly complicated Formula that reads multiple columns from a Sheet that not only displays the text needed, but will also be updated as the corresponding columns are updated.

The formula in Excel seems to simply be =' which i presume displays the text required. Below i have added the formula being used along with the display so you can see both parts. I have tried to import the Document directly into Smartsheet with the formula, however I receive 'UNPARSEABLE' as a response which I'm fearing may mean I cannot duplicate this entry.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Excel Formula ="3DOCSBAHK1/P/"&H172&"/"&I172&"/"&H172&"/"&TEXT(F172,"DDMMMYY")&"/"&G172&"/"&TEXT(J172,"DDMMMYY")&"/"&C172&"/"&E172&"/"&D172&"-1"

Excel Response

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