how to relate smartsheet issues with other smartsheet issues

Hi there,

I have created a Smartsheet support ticketing system and use Dynamic view also. Is there a way to relate smartsheet issues with other smartsheet issues when a new issue is raised so that a user reporting issues does not fill everything in a form from scratch, you can associate the issue to a previous one?

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  • Dale Murphy
    Dale Murphy ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @DJJ How do you or how does any user know that issues are related? If there is an easy way to relate the tickets, you could build a report to show that association.

    From an incident management perspective, I would not leave that association task to an (end)user. They shouldn't be expected to make the connection.

    Does the form for your ticketing system use selections from drop-down columns to categorize tickets? Your queue manager should watch for tickets in the same category to find duplicates. But that typically happens after a user has submitted the issue.


  • They would know if a request had been submitted previously, it is quite a niche process internally. The link would be determined by customer and previous request submitted in a given time. the Request would need to advise if the request they are submitted is a related request.