formula remove text /keep text in (...)

Hi Experts,

I would like to keep only the text which is in brackets below.

[clear onix/ftwr white/solar yellow (FY6226), orbit indigo/ftwr white/tactile blue (FY7852), ftwr white/solar red/iron met. (FY6218), core black/core black/dark grey (FY6222)]

Result in the new column should be FY6226, FY7852, FY7852, FY6222

I start with this formula, but than I miss the art numbers at the end and not sure how to solve it.

=IFERROR(MID(Articles@row, FIND("(", Articles@row) + 1, FIND(")", Articles@row) - FIND("(", Articles@row) - 1), "")

Thanks for your help!




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