Restricted view in dynamic view. I want to use multiple e-mail addresses to restrict access.

I have created a reference sheet where per account the e-mail addresses are joined i.e. =JOIN(CHILDREN([Primary Column]@row); SUBSTITUTE([carriage return]@row; "-"; "")), In the Carriage return column I have a - CR-.

I have multiple sheets that are using forms to receive data. Based on the entered data, the "account" field in the form is used in a VLOOKUP looking for the account in my reference sheet and use the field that contains the joined e-mail address and copy it in field "Account access e-mail"

a workflow checks in the sheet if an answer is valid and if not copies the row to an action list.

The action list is linked to a dynamic view and the dynamic view is linked to a dashboard. The dynamic view is restricted for users in the "Account access e-mail" field.

So far so good, but for some odd reason the e-mail address that i copy over to the actionlist are not recognized as e-mail address. whatever i use as a separator, space, "-", CR, " " it is not working.

What am I doing wrong?

I must say I have had more problems with e-mail addresses that are not recognized as e-mail address.

Can anybody help me with this challenge?




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