Nest If statements with countifs, contains, checkboxes.



I am trying to create a formula to update the status column.

If ALL 5 people columns has any combination of "approved", "approved: with questions", "approved: with comments", then it marks the status Approved. If any of the 5 people columns has "In Review" or Reviewed: with questions", the status column in mark as "In Review".

I have the formula for that thanks to this community. =
IF(COUNTIF(Supervisor@row:VP@row, CONTAINS("Approved", @cell)) = 5, "Approved", 
IF(CONTAINS("Review", Supervisor@row:VP@row), "In Review"))

I would like to add another thing to this formula and can't seem to get the syntax correct. I added another column [Public] that is a check box.

I would like my status column to change from approved to public if that box is check.

How do I go about adding this step.




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