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I am having trouble creating a consistent formula to track how many workers will be on site for a given day. Based on the start, end time, and count of manpower for each task, I have used that as a reference for a SUMIFS() formula in a separate column. I have also added a date column that shows a list in ascending order of dates until reaching the finish date. The formula created works for the first date which is the start date. For any other day a result of zero will appear. Here is the formula that I have so far.

SUMIFS(Manpower3:Manpower38, Start3:Start38, @cell >= [Work Day]@row, Finish3:Finish38, @cell <= [Work Day]@row)

I have even tried to lock in the range for manpower, start, and finish and still result in zero. If anyone has a solution it will be very helpful.

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