Exclude and If statement then "" and based on date then "Return Value"

=IF([Tier Status]@row <> "Group D", IF([Escalation Required]@row, <>"", (IF([WM Next Meeting Date]@row = "", "No Meeting Scheduled", IF([WM Next Meeting Date]@row = TODAY(-14), "Pending", IF([WM Next Meeting Date]@row > TODAY(-1), "Scheduled", IF([WM Next Meeting Date]@row < TODAY(-14), "Overdue"))))),"Escalated"))

What I'm trying to do:

  • Exclude "Group D"
  • If Escalation cell is not blank = "Escalated"
  • If within 14 days before today's date = "Pending"
  • If scheduled today or after = "Scheduled"
  • If more than 14 days from today's date = "Overdue"

I get #incorrect after running the formula. What's the best way to write this?



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