Sheet Summary - Counting number of submissions between two dates in a column


Using the Sheet Summary option, I would like to count the number of reports submitted each month. The formula I am using does not work

=COUNTIF([Event Occurrence Date]:[Event Occurrence Date], >=DATE(2021, 1, 1), <=DATE(2021, 1, 31))

I was able to count this information using a formula in another grid/sheet by using the following formula

=COUNTIFS({Aviation Safety Reports Range 1}, >=DATE(2021, 1, 1), {Aviation Safety Reports Range 1}, <=DATE(2021, 1, 31))

(where Aviation Safety Reports Range 1 refers to the column titled Event Occurrence date).

What am I doing wrong with the Sheet Summary formula to get the message Incorrect Argument Set?

All help gratefully appreciated

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