Using smartsheet to reserve an interview slot time

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I'm the HR manager at a company and I'd like to ask for advice on finding a way for candidates to be able to reserve interview slots on a calendar through Smartsheet. Our SB interviews a lot of people and since it's hard finding a time that works for everybody all the time we have set hours for when we do interviews.

Does anybody have a way of making a calendar visual that displays reservable time slots?

Thanks all!!


  • Kimberly LovelessKimberly Loveless ✭✭✭✭✭

    Are you using just the calendar view in a sheet or the calendar app? I think it can be done in both but just slightly different instructions.

    In the sheet though you would want to create the sheet to have Meeting Times (Primary Column), Meeting Date(Date Column), and then Name minimum.

    Then publish the sheet with the edit by anyone option and make sure that the default view is set to calendar and then share the link to those you need to pick a time.

    You will then want to set an automation to lock the row when then name value changes so that once someone signs up for a time no one can change it.

    You could also use conditional formatting to change the color on the calendar as well once someone has taken the time slot to help eliminate confusion as well.

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