Formula for several "If/Then" support

Hello Community! I have tried googling this for excel and I'm just not getting my formula to calculate what I want/need. I've created formula for equating a number range to a letter, but I can’t figure out how to get the letter cell to not populate if nothing is entered for a numerical value (left blank). I don't want to put "zero" because that equates to a letter group.  

My formula to get the Value 1 column to calculate the Letter Group 1:

=IF([Value 1]@row > 89.9, "A", IF([Value 1]@row > 79.9, "B", IF([Value 1]@row > 69.9, "C", IF([Value 1]@row > 59.9, "D", IF([Value 1]@row <= 59.9, "F")))))

... but I need to address the fact that the Value 1 may not have a value score and therefore not part of a Letter group which needs to be blank. (Hopefully this makes sense!) Any formula guru out there that can help? Thx!



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