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edited 09/15/21 in Formulas and Functions

Hi I have a forms with 16 questions, the questions have one of four answers

A Rarely seen

B Occasionally seen

C Frequently seen

D Seen majority of the time

I want to calculate the total across the rows with a vaule for each of

A = 1 

B = 2

C = 3

D = 4 

Is there a formula that can do this? 

=IF(([Q1]1 = "A Rarely seen"), "1", 0)

=IF([Q1]1 = "B Occasionally seen", "2", "0")

=IF([Q1]1 = "C Frequently seen", "3", "0")

=IF([Q1]1 = "D Seen majority of the time", "4", "0")

But is it possible to combine these in a if or or to add a total across the row and down the column?



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