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Is this possible to do....

  1. I want to have a master call log for incoming service requests, with a status column. I will set an automation to copy the row to another sheet I will use for task tracking.
  2. Once I have completed the task and change the status on the 2nd sheet, I want to cell link so it also changes on the master log. The caveat is, once I have completed the task, changed the status and saved it, I will no longer need this row on the 2nd sheet. So, once the status is changed, I want that linked back to the master log, then that row on the 2nd sheet to go away.
  3. is this possible to do????



  • Kimberly Loveless
    Kimberly Loveless ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Are you deleting the rows from the second sheet? or are you moving them to like an archive sheet?

    The cell linking part is easy using cross sheet formulas but once the row is deleted from the second sheet it would cause an error in the formula I believe. If it were moved to an archive sheet instead you may be able to set it to link to that sheet instead.

    There may be another way to do it that I am not aware of.

  • gwsiii

    I could use an archive sheet. I just need it gone from the 2nd sheet once I’m done.

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