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Good morning everyone,

I'm new to Smartsheets and have been really enjoying the functionalities and automations. I'm trying to set up an automated Health / Progress status and keep getting a "#UNPARSEABLE" error. I've looked through my code and can't figure it out.... Can someone take a look and help me see what I'm missing?

Desired Outcomes:

Green - Donation Agreement Execution Date OR Donation Completion Date>0

Yellow - Legal Review Submitted OR Legal Review Complete / Out for Signature>0 AND Donation Agreement Execution Date OR Donation Completion Date=0

Blue - Donation Start Date>0, Everything else blank or =0

I have entered this part yet, but...

Red - Due Date>Today()

Here's my code so far...

=IF(OR([Donation Completion Date]@row>0, [Donation Agreement Execution Date]@row>0), “Green”, IF(AND([Legal Review Submitted]@row>0, [Donation Completion Date]@row=0, [Donation Agreement Execution Date]@row=0), “Yellow”, IF(AND([Donation Start Date]@row>0, [Legal Review Submitted]@row=0, [Legal Review Complete / Out for Signature]@row=0, [Donation Agreement Execution Date]@row=0, [Donation Completion Date]@row=0), “Blue”)))


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  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    Without looking a the actual logic of the formula, the #UNPARSEABLE error is coming from your quotes. Notice how they are slanted? These are "smart quotes" and (ironically enough) Smartsheet doesn't recognize these. Notice the quotes around "smart quotes" in this comment? They are straight up and down. These are the quotes you need. Try either replacing them directly in Smartsheet, here in the community, or in a text editor such as Notepad (not Word).


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