Viewing a Report in a Dashboard that is embedded in MS Teams

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One of my colleagues has come to me with a query that has stumped me somewhat relating to a report not displaying on a dashboard that's embedded as a tab in MS Teams. My colleague is using the Smartsheet app to integrate into MS Teams for this instance.

I'm not sure if this might be related to the report/dashboard/publishing permissions/settings OR if this is expected behaviour, as we're attempting to view the report beyond Smartsheet and through 2 mechanisms - the dashboard through MS Teams?

I've attached the following screenshot to show what the error message appears as in the Report widget.

Any ideas if there is a way to fix this or are there any workarounds? The only thing I could think of is to use the dashboard's published unique web link and then have a tab that is a weblink?

Thanks in advance for any guidance with this.


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    Not 100% sure but appears to be to report configuration. If users are shared to the dashboard/underlying assets you can use a web url tab in teams with the normal link to the dashboard. This is what I normally do for dashboards in teams and it works.

    Perhaps you could try publishing the report and embedding it as a web content widget on the dashboard if you have to use a published link

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