How to view and use the Modified and Created fields in Smartsheet


Is there a way to capture the Modified By and Created fields in a sheet or report? I'd like to be able to create filters based on the current user in a sheet.


Multiple users giving input on one Sheet.


Concerns with data integrity and errors (overwrites, deletes, etc) from multiple users. Cannot lock at the Cell level so everyone can access/edit anything.

Solutions (?)

Create a filter to trigger when the current Assigned user name matches the Modified By user name (if the Modified By data can be captured when one is actively in the sheet). This information match would trigger a workflow to filter all rows except those that match the Assigned and Modified By columns.


Users modify only their rows of data and can add new rows for additional inputs with seeing any other users in the sheet (unless they deactivate the filter).

Any potential for this ?


Rick Girard


  • Andrew Stills
    Andrew Stills ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 09/20/21

    At first glance a report would not allow this because you cannot add new rows to report. At the sheet level, I feel a solution would be possible.

    I'll try to circle back when I have more time to look at it.

    Edit: thinking a little more on this... if one is only to be editing their own rows, wouldn't it be simpler to produce an individual sheet per user and display the results in an report compiled for multiple users? To avoid having one user edit another users items simply make the user sheets view only for others. Just a thought?


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  • Rick Girard
    Rick Girard ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey Andrew,

    Actually, my interest is at the Sheet level not Report level. Regarding multiple individual sheets vs singular sheet, I have that setup now, every user has their own sheet, I have multiple reports keying off those sheets, however the management of the reports requires updates to every report whenever a new sheet is created and there is no workflow to automate adding a new sheet (via a template) to an existing report (if you know that trick let me know !). My issue is the burden that the owners of the reports will have for multitudes of new sheets being created, its tedious to add those items so I'm looking to let the existing tools (filters, workflows) do the 'work' so to speak. Appreciate you looking into this !


  • Rick Girard
    Rick Girard ✭✭✭✭✭

    ....just to clarify my last comment. I can use what I created today, multiple sheets and reports that require updates for every new sheet (but not desired). The alternative is to revert back to a single sheet, if I went to that option, i am looking for that means to limit the data each user of that single sheet would have. Hence my questions about filtering per user who is editing that single sheet. I hope that makes it a bit clearer....