How do I populate a task list every time I add a new project?


I have created a consistent task list that I would like to have populated each time a team member adds a project to our master list, with the same set of steps. How do I do this? I have read a bunch of articles and watched several videos, but they don't seem to be helping.


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Abby

    It sounds like you have a number of separate rows that you want to automatically appear beneath a new row when it's been added into your master sheet. Is that correct? If so, there isn't a way to automatically generate these rows within the same sheet. (Please let our Product team know about your use-case and scenario by filling in this form, here!)

    You could potentially set up your task list in a separate sheet, then when there's a new project added you could either copy/paste those rows over, or use the Copy Row feature to bring those across. See the "Tip" under Copy and Paste Hierarchy, here.

    If this hasn't helped, would you be able to post screen captures of your current set-up, but please block out any sensitive data?



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