Create a "dashboard" showing select rows from different sheets....

Hi all. I would like to create a high-level report/dashboard that extracts select rows from different sheets and displays them horizontally like in the attached image. Is this possible?


  • jodyh
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    edited 09/22/21

    I figured out a somewhat long round-about way to achieve this. First, assuming all of these projects are listed with this data in one sheet, add an additional column (i.e. Project Designation) as a drop-down, single select with the options: Project A, Project B, and Project C. Select the designation for each milestone. Column can then be hidden, if cumbersome.

    Next create a row report titled Project A. Add your sheet, with columns for Project Designation, Milestone, Start, and Finish. Filter by Project A (Project Designation is equal to Project A). Hide Project Designation column.

    Duplicate (Save As New) report and save as Project B, then filter by Project B.

    Duplicate report and save as Project C, then filter by Project C.

    Add all three reports as individual Report Widgets to dashboard and line-up as required. Result should be similar to attached screenshot. Once the first report is created, it's super easy to duplicate, so it goes fast.

  • Thank you @jodyh. I think I follow but will need to play with it. Regarding your comment "...assuming all of these projects are listed with this data in one sheet", I am trying to extract these milestones from individual project plans (so Project A is one SS, B another, etc.). All of the plans contain the same information/dates I am trying to extract.

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    @Tyler C. Gotcha. Yeah, I was meaning that my directions were based on Project A, Project B, and Project C information all being listed in one Sheet (I was guessing). Like this-

    I just wasn't sure how you have your data organized, but hopefully you can still get your dashboard how you'd like it. :)